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A Night To Remember : The Proposal

I am not sure how to tell you this because I’m still in mood that I-couldn’t-believe-that-it’s-finally-going-to-happen state. I hope this isn’t just a dream, kadang-kadang rasa nak tampar and cubit diri sendiri to ensure that I'm not dreaming!

Breath in Breath out! (ulang banyak kali sampai pengsan)

Well, some of you have probably experienced this and to be honest I never imagine something like this! Nevah! Kalau ada pun just berangan-angan mcm dalam drama or telenovela cinta. I’m so realistic, I know our story in life is written by Allah not by Writer so definitely kita kena terima apa sahaja suratan yang telah termaktub utk kita kan? *positive thinking*

Here goes, 'The Proposal' Heeee, A Night To Remember For Me, Opss! For Us! *blushing*
Perhaps, it’s nothing really out-of-the-ordinary kind of proposal as some of you might had something better, but it was something sweet or too sweet, something that I nerver imagine (but I wish) and something awesome (at least to me). 

*close my eyes and recall back the moment* 

It was on the 28th May 2014. We went to Putrajaya after work and he fetched me all the way from Damansara to KLCC and we went to Putrajaya. The weather was not that good because of the rain and traffic as expected was congested on that day. Nothing on my mind, as he told me a day before that he wanted to bring me for dinner with his mummy and lil sister at Puchong (reservation was at 8.30pm which I rasa a bit late and I feel pity him to send me back home after dinner and patah balik. Haih~). In the car he told me that we need to fetch his sister at Putrajaya Mosque after maghrib and then fetch his mom at home and then barulah heading to the restaurant. That’s why the reservation is at 8.30pm (I felt weird because he  is such a person yang tak suka lambat-lambat utk makan plus both of us usually jenis on-the-go punya person, fikir nak makan apa, order and terus makan. Jarang sekali nak buat reservation bagai tapi the statement buat I tak jadi nk argue apa-apa sb it make sense) He keep on telling me ‘I nak bawa you makan special sikit malam ni'. You've no idea how I bombarded him with tons of questions! hahaha. He answered me well so I followed him without suspecting anything.

Everything seemed normal until we reached Putrajaya Mosque, while waiting for azan he invited me to walk around near the cruise area and enjoy the sunset. Subhanallah, the scenery is beautiful. (I love sunset by the way). While looking at the lake, my eyes cannot stop stare at the Love Boat, it looks so romantic! ‘Bertuahnya kalau dapat duduk, makan (or tak makan pun takpe) sambil menikmati keindahan alam with someone special, sure awesome kan??’ *monolog dalam hati*  Auuwww! He look at me and asked 'hey sayang, are you ok?' and I just smile. *senyum sorang-sorang & berangan*

 Inilah Love Boat yang I nampak and I'm not expecting this boat is belong to us!

Then, I realized that we were heading straight to the counter instead of heading to the mosque which is the direction is obviously two different ways so I said, “Mosque at the back... Where are we going?” He said, “I want to check something and ensure everything is ready' I don't get him and still blur! He come to me and said 'Sayang, mummy and Syifa (his lil sister) cannot join us! Syifa send you a video to apologize! (he played the video) and I asked him, 'so what's the point we are here?? he replied dengan muka selamber 'No worries sayang, we're going to have a dinner there (he pointed at the lake) u remember I told you this dinner will be a special dinner? I’ve actually planned this with mommy and Syifa' and I was like *dangggg* 'u jangan main-main boleh tak? mana ada restaurant atas tasik?? can we go to the mosque now and pray first?  I’m so hungry okay!' Then, gently he looks at me and told me Sayang, can you see that boat?? (he pointed at the Love Boat yang I nampak tadi) he continued ‘this Love Boat belong to us tonight and we're going to have our dinner in it' I'm speechless! *my jaw dropped!* Tak tahu nak kata apa, terdiam seketika. 'Are you kidding me?' belum sempat dia jawab the person in charge led us to prayer room then asked us to wait at the waiting room after the prayer while waiting for the boat to be ready. Yes! I was so excited, rasa happy, rasa nk pengsan, rasa nak nangis and macam-macam rasa ada. But, mixed feeling for good! Alhamdulillah.

 The Waiting Room

The boat is ready! The food is served!

I saw something on the table beside the main course!
Guess what??? 

It's a slice of Chocolate Indulgence cakes from Secret Recipe.
I've been craving for it since few weeks ago but I put it on hold as no one to accompany me to eat the cake and finally I’m going to enjoy the cake with him!!! *love is in the air*

 The Love Boat! (He requested boat number 7 sebab 7 is my favorite number)

The Arrangement & Decoration *So Romantic*

 The Main Course & Dessert!

*pause and smiling*

Tak banyak conversation, both of us banyak diam, senyum, makan, diam, senyum, makan and the only words I can say is 'Thank You' (boleh kata most of the time I said thank you to him! lol! (I don’t care dia bosan dengar I cakap thank you all what but I really mean it!)

We really enjoy the food sebab masing-masing mmg dah lapar and lepas makan we had our dessert together! Frankly speaking, masa nak makan cake tu I was a lil bit curious, mana tahu dia letak cincin dalam tu silap-silap boleh mati tercekik I! hahaha. But nah?! He’s didn’t do that *thank God*

While eating the dessert, he suddenly said “We’ve know each other since 2010, and today we've been close to each other for 11 months..” I seriously thought he wanted to chat and start buka cerita kisah dulu-dulu mcm mana we know each other and suddenly getting close since last year sedangkan dah lama kenal (our fav topic all the time), so I interrupted him by saying, “kejup je masa berlalu kan? macam tak percaya boleh rapat dengan you....' tak sempat habis cakap and then all of a sudden, he became serious and looked straight into my eyes, and I was like oh-ohh *jantung mula berdegup kencang*.. and then he said, “Nazira Nawawi (he pronounce my full name anyway) will you marry me and be my wife?”. Oh my! Degupan jantung yang laju tadi tiba-tiba rasa mcm terhenti. Ring? (You might expecting him to kneel, show the ring and propose right? No! No! He not going to do that sebab I know him very well!! He always comes out with his own version. When I looked into his eyes I can feel the love and no doubt, I can feel he is the one. Auuuww! InshaAllah. (those yang dah lalui moment ni sure akan faham apa I rasa kan?).

I wasn’t sure whether to dance or jump up & down or shout hooraayyy (I wish I could) but instead I just smile! Haha. (dalam hati dah menjerit hip hippp hooorayyy sgt!) I know I should be crying or something because that was supposed to be a touching moment. And you must be thinking I am not a sentimental person, but I smile because I was so happy (I’m about to cry tapi tahan je) and I have been waiting for that moment for agesss! (every girls dreams of it!) I told him, “Of Course I Do!!!!!”

The Scenery

So that was the starting of it 'A Night To Remember'. It was like all of a sudden. Fyi, his family came to my house utk masuk merisik right after a few weeks I came back from my Umrah then after few meetings our family decided for us to get engage! (in three weeks times! and I'm counting days now!!!!!). My initial plan is not to engage, but when family decided I think it's something good. So why should I say No?? 
There’s so much preparations to do even its just for the engagement! I mean, of course there is, right? When involves two family’s event it's something yang kita kena buat betul-betul. I wonder how is it going for the Big Day?? Must be big preparation, big headache, big budget etc! (Not to forget big arguments especially with him!) LOL!

And speaking of preparations for the engagement, it’s all being taken care of, thanks to my lovely mommy sebab sabar melayan kerenah I (even sometimes bergaduh jugak la sebab tak sync, I want something yg simple & well organize but she want something yg nampak mcm simple tp complex. well, biasalah katapun mak kan??), to my brother & my dad and also to my future fiancé and his family.*future fiancé?? Oh my!!! Mcm tak percaya. *blushing i* Oh ya, I'm going to the decoration for my hantaran, so wish me luck ok!

I hope everything will go well as planned, InsyaAllah. 
Now I just need to find some time to pamper myself, I should go for facials and massage and dental treatment (I'm still wearing my braces on that day). (wah! Berangan nak buat semua macamlah ada banyak masa) heee! But, if ada free time why not kan??? 

OMG… I’m getting engaged, people!!! 
I never imagine that someone really can make me fall in love!
Yes, I'm in love!!!

Thank you Allah for everything and Thank you Sayang for always be with me!
Mohon doakan yang terbaik utk I ok.

Notes : 

Harini 7 June 2014.
* Genap berusia 27 tahun 5 bulan. 
* Another 7 Days to go before the EDay! 
Ok, I wanna spend moreee time with Me, MySelf & I!
Oh my! Rasa macam tak percaya I'm going to end my single status! (after this masih single tapi not available). *wink*

Till later!

With Love,

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