Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.::Critical Headache::.

Omg..omg..omg.., i dont know how to tell you guys what i am feeling right now.. it come again!! this time really2 pain!! yup! really painful!!!!!!

Its might sound ridiculous, but thats what i'm doing today.. huh!!

-Taking my bath 5 times + washing my hair 3 times today!!
-Taking ponstant 3 times!! i know its not good but i've no idea, dont know what to do.. making short and simple i'm taking the pill and then ZzZzZzZz..
-Most of the time today i spend with sleeeping + taking my rest.. hurm, seems like mcm a month tak tidur.. haih~
-Drinking plenty water almost 6 litre.. yup! believe it or not my tummy mcm dah buncit air people.. damn!

i really need a doctor!! by hook or by crook, as soon as by tomorrow morning!! i need a medicine, i need rest!! i hate the pain!! shuhhh!!!!! go away from me!!!!

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