Tuesday, June 23, 2009

.::Get To Know Me!!::.


What are you listening to right now?

Lenka - Trouble is a friends

What makes you happy?

Hang out with my friends and of course MN *big grin*
What did you do yesterday?

Facebook, Blogging, Chatting etc..etc!!
Got any awards?

Awards?? No Idea.. heeee=p
Do you want to get married?

Mestilah nak!! sapelah yang tak nak kahwin?? haiyoo!!
If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?

If?? tak mahu laa.. bersyukur seadanya.. Allah pencipta yang tebaik!! =)
Good driver?

Yeah!! Bebas saman, bebas accident!! huhuhu..
Good dancer?

Not really!!

Good Singer?

Maybe!! hahaha, harus la puji diri sendiri..
How many remote controls are in your house?

Remote Control?? hmmm, 6..
What do you dream about?

Being such a success person!!
Last time you showered?

Few hours ago!! still wangi okey!!
The last movie you saw at the theaters?

Hannah Montana The Movie!! This saturday?? Transformers bebeyh!!
Scary or happy movies?

Mestilah happy movie.. wink!
Root beer or Dr. Pepper?

Plain water!! i wont drink carbonated drinks + high sugar!!
Vanilla or chocolate?

Summer or winter?

Winter! cool~
Silver or Gold?

White Gold! =p
Diamond or pearl?

Diamond!! Love bling2..
Sunset or Sunrise?

Sunset.. sangat romantik!
Sprite or 7up?

Plain water again!
Orange juice or apple juice?

Orange Juice
Cats or dogs?

Of course cat!! Lovely chot.. hahaha.
Coffee or tea?

Both! Coffee without sugar and green tea..
Phone or in person?

In person!! =)
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child?

Middle and Only Sister!!
Indoor or Outdoor?


Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Do you like yourself?

Of course!! Sooo much!!
Do you get along with your family?

Yup!! Family comes first!
Have piercings below the waist?

Nope and never!!
Stolen anything over RM30?

Want to have children?

Yeah!! haruslah.. *blushing*
Like mornings?

Enjoy seafood?

Yup!! even alergic!! but still kena aviod ketam and udang!!


Bungee Jumped?

Broken a bone?

Nope but broken heart!! hahaha.. *history*
Played truth or dare?

Been in a physical fight?

Hurm, no idea!
Been in a police car?

Come close to dying?

Yups!! anytime.. ajal maut di tangan tuhan..
Fallen asleep in school?

Broken someone's heart?

Maybe =p
Cried when someone died?

Haruslah!! sedeyh kot..
Cried in school?

Fell off your chair?

Yups!! hahaha..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call?

heeeee=p yup!!
Saved MSN conversations?

Saved e-mails?

Made out with just a friend?

Used someone?

Done something you regret?



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